Primary Level

Primary Levelkids

This is most likely the first experience your child will have with a foreign language but the great thing is that young children are like sponges and are quick to learn a new language! A spoken language comes naturally before reading and writing. Children pick up languages by taking part in fun activities shared with an adult. We aim to make learning a new language fun, enjoyable and a positive one!

At primary level children are enthusiastically encouraged to learn, repeat and play. Lessons are well planned taking into consideration the children’s ages and level. We also offer the flexibility to work with teachers to adapt the lessons to comply with National Curriculum topics. The vocabulary covered features clear and simple everyday phrases. The majority of the lessons are oral. Grammar is important but our approach is much more topic based and is supported through resources and learning materials which are designed to stimulate the children’s natural enthusiasm for language learning. At “Bonjour Amigos” we use play as a vehicle for learning and the lessons will provide the children with a creative opportunity to explore foreign languages whilst promoting cultural awareness in our multi cultural society.